Through the moments of time
when I sit on the porch, with the
wind bringing a bite to my skin, a
burn to my cheeks, I can feel it
resting in the shadows beneath
my lip, in the unprotected spaces
where my fingers can’t grasp;
its when clarity reaches a verdict
and I welcome the winter to
my soul, allowing the freeze to take
a hold and I begin to wonder if the
hole of which I dream, will suddenly
swallow me and take me back to
the place I call home. Its not too far,
where I can rest in Luna’s crevices,
while the twinkling of secluded life paints
pictures as a voice, distant in my mind,
serenades of places I will never see—
unless I close my eyes
and let peace take me.

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A construction guy walks up to my door and the first thing I think of is how this would make a good porno. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. At least he was funny!

Crumbling Walls of a Fragile Heart: No sound penetrated the barrier between the skin, the flesh of those... ›


No sound penetrated the barrier between the skin, the flesh of those whose labored breaths acted as the only designated sign of what was going on in the dark. The joining of bodies, crashing upon each other till shocks ricocheted throughout the muscles that clench with the outcome. With her back pressed against his abdomen, she holds the ability to hide the silent sobs that offer no relief to the pain he is causing her.

Suffocating, persisting to smother her in the adoration of someone who knows nothing of the space placed between two lovers. Her lungs each day close off once her eyes open to the liliac colored walls that echo the melancholic feel that resides within her rotting heart. She knows it wrong to lay and pretend all is well. She knows she should turn away with the cold shoulder to show that she craves more than he is capable of giving. Cruel as it is necessary, she denies herself the pleasure of being happy.

So while the night wears on, the breeze combined with the gentle draft of the fan hanging overhead brings a shiver rippling across her casing. Within the depths of her mind, she briefly ponders if she is nothing more than a husk, a shell to house the happiness of someone who needs the safety of someone who won’t object to the crowding within her soul.

Alas, with a silent sigh, she closes her eyes and tells herself, tomorrow. Tomorrow will be when she voices her concerns, her emotions; but she knows, sometimes tomorrow never comes.

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Through the bones of
my rotting rib cage, the
wind howls its fury as
my lungs no longer
protest against its icy
claws digging amongst
my oxygen reserves.

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Anyone know of how to make your blog posts into a pdf?


I breathed the energized air
charged with the shock of a
once cold heart, warming to the
touch of a palpitation come to life.

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100 Beautiful and Ugly Words

by Mark Nichol

One of the many fascinating features of our language is how often words with pleasant associations are also quite pleasing on the tongue and even to the eye, and how many words, by contrast, acoustically and visually corroborate their disagreeable nature — look no further than the heading for this post.
Enrich the poetry of your prose by applying words that provide precise connotation while also evoking emotional responses

Beautiful Words

  • Amorphous: indefinite, shapeless
  • Beguile: deceive
  • Caprice: impulse
  • Cascade: steep waterfall
  • Cashmere: fine, delicate wool
  • Chrysalis: protective covering
  • Cinnamon: an aromatic spice; its soft brown color
  • Coalesce: unite, or fuse
  • Crepuscular: dim, or twilit
  • Crystalline: clear, or sparkling
  • Desultory: half-hearted, meandering
  • Diaphanous: gauzy
  • Dulcet: sweet
  • Ebullient: enthusiastic
  • Effervescent: bubbly
  • Elision: omission
  • Enchanted: charmed
  • Encompass: surround
  • Enrapture: delighted
  • Ephemeral: fleeting
  • Epiphany: revelation
  • Epitome: embodiment of the ideal
  • Ethereal: celestial, unworldly, immaterial
  • Etiquette: proper conduct
  • Evanescent: fleeting
  • Evocative: suggestive
  • Exuberant: abundant, unrestrained, outsize
  • Felicity: happiness, pleasantness
  • Filament: thread, strand
  • Halcyon: care-free
  • Idyllic: contentedly pleasing
  • Incorporeal: without form
  • Incandescent: glowing, radiant, brilliant, zealous
  • Ineffable: indescribable, unspeakable
  • Inexorable: relentless
  • Insouciance: nonchalance
  • Iridescent: luster
  • Languid: slow, listless
  • Lassitude: fatigue
  • Lilt: cheerful or buoyant song or movement
  • Lithe: flexible, graceful
  • Lullaby: soothing song
  • Luminescence: dim chemical or organic light
  • Mellifluous: smooth, sweet
  • Mist: cloudy moisture, or similar literal or virtual obstacle
  • Murmur: soothing sound
  • Myriad: great number
  • Nebulous: indistinct
  • Opulent: ostentatious
  • Penumbra: shade, shroud, fringe
  • Plethora: abundance
  • Quiescent: peaceful
  • Quintessential: most purely representative or typical
  • Radiant: glowing
  • Redolent: aromatic, evocative
  • Resonant: echoing, evocative
  • Resplendent: shining
  • Rhapsodic: intensely emotional
  • Sapphire: rich, deep bluish purple
  • Scintilla: trace
  • Serendipitous: chance
  • Serene: peaceful
  • Somnolent: drowsy, sleep inducing
  • Sonorous: loud, impressive, imposing
  • Spherical: ball-like, globular
  • Sublime: exalted, transcendent
  • Succulent: juicy, tasty, rich
  • Suffuse: flushed, full
  • Susurration: whispering
  • Symphony: harmonious assemblage
  • Talisman: charm, magical device
  • Tessellated: checkered in pattern
  • Tranquility: peacefulness
  • Vestige: trace
  • Zenith: highest point

Ugly Words

  • Cacophony: confused noise
  • Cataclysm: flood, catastrophe, upheaval
  • Chafe: irritate, abrade
  • Coarse: common, crude, rough, harsh
  • Cynical: distrustful, self-interested
  • Decrepit: worn-out, run-down
  • Disgust: aversion, distaste
  • Grimace: expression of disgust or pain
  • Grotesque: distorted, bizarre
  • Harangue: rant
  • Hirsute: hairy
  • Hoarse: harsh, grating
  • Leech: parasite,
  • Maladroit: clumsy
  • Mediocre: ordinary, of low quality
  • Obstreperous: noisy, unruly
  • Rancid: offensive, smelly
  • Repugnant: distasteful
  • Repulsive: disgusting
  • Shriek: sharp, screeching sound
  • Shrill: high-pitched sound
  • Shun: avoid, ostracize
  • Slaughter: butcher, carnage
  • Unctuous: smug, ingratiating
  • Visceral: crude, anatomically graphic

Notice how often attractive words present themselves to define other beautiful ones, and note also how many of them are interrelated, and what kind of sensations, impressions, and emotions they have in common. Also, try enunciating beautiful words as if they were ugly, or vice versa. Are their sounds suggestive of their quality, or does their meaning wholly determine their effect on us?

From Writers Write

Learn some words yall.

or use them as prompts for poetry!

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There was nothing more the hammer beside me could do as my heart lay before me. Hours upon hours of beating through the tears and… Nothing. No change, no beat, no ounce of life flourishing through the stilled muscle. Frustration crawls up the throat till the scream ricochets against closed lips and even then, pride refrains you from the bitter-sweet release so desperately needed.

The door creaks and footsteps echo in the hollows of my ears but no notice is paid. Breath against my back, hand wrapping around the handle, you drop it. The weight, the pressure gone. Crumbling in the shadow, the obsessive compulsion to fix the flaw within the jagged edges that have gradually chipped away, becomes nothing more but the dust cowering beneath the floor boards.

Whispering softly, you explain, there was never a problem seeking a solution, there was no “x” fishing for a sense of closure. There was only a bend within my rhythm that demanded the attention of a tender touch, to smooth away the rough patches that I beat with the thought that I was never good enough.

I hate when I hear things at night.

Is it crazy to spend thirty dollars on three bottles of Bath and Body Stress Relief lotion in the scent of Eucalyptus Spearmint? Probably but damn, the love I have for it.

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I stopped looking for a dream girl, I just wanted one that wasn’t a nightmare.

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